Rise Up Farms

Growing healthy foods for a healthy community!


Rise Up is a small farm in Elkhart, IN, dedicated to providing the local community with healthy, local, sustainably grown produce.  Our farming practices are based on the principals of ecology.  We work to improve the health of our soil using biological sources of fertility, and create an agricultural ecosystem that is stable, self-sustaining and chemical free.  Rise Up Farms is Certified Naturally Grown, which means we follow all the same guidelines as a farm that is Certified Organic. 

Rise Up Farms was founded by a group of individuals working to strengthen the local ecology and food economy, and create a regional pooling place for knowledge and skills related to community resiliency, sustainable building, and creative artistry.  Now entering its sixth season, Rise Up continues to be a collective, community-driven effort. 

Rise Up is more than just a farm.  We also provide a community space where people can come together and connect.  Events include:

Our annual Harvest Fest

Weekly yoga classes

Farm tours and volunteer days